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Our client portfolio covers a wide variety of sectors and company sizes. We provide services to both Spanish and foreign owned companies, especially from Europe, United States and Asia. Many of them are quoted in the main international stock exchanges as well as in the Madrid and Valencia stock market

We are present in the aviation and airport industry by assisting commercial aircraft, fingers and moving sidewalks manufacturers as well as airport engineering companies, being all of them amongst the major worldwide manufacturers with factories in Spain.

Some of our clients in the hospitalary and pharmaceutical industry are world leaders in their field, being present in Spain as manufacturers or distributors of electromedical equipment, surgical implants, prosthetics and auxiliary equipment for hospitals, among others, as well as important local Spanish suppliers.

In the equipment goods, automotive parts, as well as the escalator and elevator segments, we provide our services to multinational companies ranked among the largest corporations, and to SME local companies that provide installation, maintenance and other support services.

In the service industry, we give support to multinational consulting, engineering, and R&D companies which are considered to be major leaders in their industry by both turnover and number of employees. We also advice small and medium size professional service companies within the legal, medical, architecture and engineering industry.

In the distribution of games, toys and playground facilities market, we collaborate with companies that are quoted on the NYSE as well as with other local companies.

Some of our customers in the food industry are important producers of cocoa, chocolate, spices, additives, wine, horticultural products and others.

We also assist companies in the construction and promotion of real estate, gardening and environment, property and plant renting among others. 

We are equally proud to provide our services to entities within the public sector such as foundations or non-profit organizations as well as to family companies and individuals.

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